Sofie Garrucho on the rocks

Sofie Garrucho on the rocks

This shot looks so natural…

Sofie about her Hobbies and Interests:

I like Painting and all about Arts & Crafts, Nudist beach, Cooking, Fashion, Parties and shoes…shoes…shoes!!!

wow.. what a nice shot, the rocks are so sharp and she is beautifull and soft, it’s a great foto, 5 of 5 !!! just superb…

Very nice shot, gorgeous model! Awesome body and sexy girl…

Saw your January calendar at your FHM blog. Amazing, can’t wait to see the next 11.

Sofie Garrucho on the rocks

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Ain't Sofie Garrucho, one of FHM's resident bloggers and currently among this year's sexiest women, so nice without her clothes on? Actually, half of her sex appeal Victory Party of FHM philippines 100 Sexiest Women. Here's a last look FHM's June 2011 cover girl Stef Prescott. More sizzling hot photos of Stef after jump courtesy of FHM Philippines. Enjoy! Tags: hottest, pinays, Bembang! Bembang! Girls. Aleck Bovick, Aliya Parcs, Alyssa Alano, Amanda Griffin, Amy Cruz, Ana Capri, Andi Manzano, Andrea del Rosario, Angel Aquino

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