Gabrielle Richens – The Pleasure Machine

Richens has worked as a model since she was fifteen

She was the host of the Australian dating show called Love Rules.

Gabrielle Richens – The Pleasure Machine

You might remember model and TV presenter Gabrielle Richens, 44, by her charming nickname: ‘The Pleasure Machine’. She adopted the delightful pet name after an airline commercial she appeared in where she played a stripper. Gabrielle Richens is a contestant from Celebrity Survivor Australia. The only female on the original Kakula tribe, Gabrielle initially decided to stick with her tribe, and eliminate any newcomers. However, after a surprising tribe swap, Celebrity Skin (US) October 2011, Iss. 8, pg. 67, "Great Moments In Celebrity Skin: " Celebrity Skin (US) Tags: gabrielle, richens,

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