Lighting design is much more abstract than costume or scenic design, it is sometimes difficult for the lighting designer to accurately convey his ideas to the rest of the production team. To help the LD communicate the ethereal aspects of lighting he or she may employ renderings, storyboards, photographs, reproductions of artwork or mockups of actual lighting effects to help communicate ideas about how the lighting should look.

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Explanation of the backlight bleeding phenomenon, or light leakage, commonly found in the corners and sides of LCD displays. Backlight LED driver and WLED driver solutions from TI extend battery power, reduce board space and enhance LCD screen performance. When shopping for a new TV, there are two terms that come up pretty often: LED and LCD. In this look at LED vs. LCD, we explain how the two technologies are fundamentally connected, what Tags: explained, whats, Troubleshooting backlight failure | Laptop This laptop came for repair because of the LCD screen failure. My customer complained that the laptop LCD screen is black but the laptop works with an external monitor.

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