artsy backside

Sensuous, a very beautiful photo!

the red thong is fantastic…

artsy ass

From TWO x TWO , Tim Gardner, BACKSIDE (2010), Watercolor on paper, 12 × 16 in Drawing from his archives of vintage magazines and photographs from his road trips across the US, “The Backside” is a further expression of the memes of Miller’s childhood: gorgeous women, classic-cars, found topography and comic Available for sale from Front Room Gallery, Emily Roz, " Muffin Top" (2019), Oil on linen, 16 × 20 in Tags: emily, backside, Greg Gorman | Djimon Pedastol Djimon Pedastol , Los Angeles, 1991. Archival pigment print. 22 × 17 in. 55.9 × 43.2 cm. Edition 6/25 + 3AP. This is part of a limited edition set. Contact For Price. Contact gallery .

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