Kerri’s Kitchen Stomp

Defiant in the kitchen. She is rebelling against the feminine stereotype.
Hell, who wants to be in the kitchen! To cook and clean dishes. Today’s woman has earned her equality with man. So it’s time for men to get into the kitchen. Of course with bate like Kerri, it would be a pleasure to share kitchen chores.

The kitchen session with Kerri was not as easy as it might look. The session was video recorded to produce a short film. SoI had to consider the lighting for the video as well. With the window light streaming in behind her, I wanted to equalize the interior ambient light so it will look natural and not too harsh. I placed a single light far to her left facing away from her This was probably 12 feet away and still about 5 feet from the wall that acted as a reflector. I also placed a large white card on the right of where I was standing, as a fill light.

More of this series yet to come.

Ich hassssse es, wenn man „Kerrin“ wie „Herrin“ nur mit „K“ ausspricht! Leider machen das die meisten und sogar welche aus meiner Verwandtschaft. Freu mich immer wahnsinnig, wenn jemand meinen Namen auf Anhieb richtig ausspricht Kerri Strug (* 19. November 1977 in Tucson, Arizona) ist eine ehemalige US-amerikanische Turnerin. Bekanntheit erlangte sie vor allem durch ihren letzten Auftritt bei der Mannschaftsentscheidung der Olympischen Spiele 1996 in Atlanta. Kara (#498 IN 016), Kera, Keri, Kerrie and Kerry are the popular varying forms of Kerri appearing in the Top 000. These forms of Kerri were at the apex of their popularity in the 1970s Tags: kerri, name, Urban Dictionary: Kerri Weird girl with intense eyes and incredible sex appeal. Their oras radiate red, like fire. Strong aggression. She's like a Martian pin-up. Make good life long, intriguing friends. Very smart, very strange but also extremely

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