Sofia Vergara as natural as

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Sofia Vergara as natural as

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara (Spanish pronunciation: [soˈfi.a βerˈɣaɾa]; born July 10, 1972) is a Colombian-American actress and model. 06.01.2017 Дорогие мои, поздравляю Вас с Рождеством Христовым! 29.12.2016 Coppola, Writer: Somewhere. Coppola w born on May 14, 1971 in New York City, New York, USA Carmina Coppola. She is a director, known Tags: sofia, coppola, The 20 Hottest Photos Of is a Colombian model and actress widely known for her work in Central and South America, and recently, for her role on the TV show Modern Family.

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